January 14 – Free Speech on Campus

This week on Bibliocracy Radio (Sunday, 5 pm on KPFK), I speak with UC Irvine Chancellor Howard Gillman on the occasion of his co-authorship of an urgently timely, accessible, affirming and yet still provocative book, Free Speech on Campus.  Co-written with the founder of UC Irvine’s law school, the legendary Erwin Chemerinsky, this short history of, defense of and argument for free speech offers both nuance and a helpfully broad review of what is meant by its title, and concludes with recommendations and guidelines from these two legal scholars, advocates and leaders of public education institutions.  Howard Gillman has led UC Irvine since 2014— and before that USC, and has published award-winning books on the American Constitution and the Supreme Court.  His official introduction includes the winning biographical details that he is a native of Southern California, grew up in North Hollywood and was himself a first-generation college student.  He earned bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in political science at UCLA.  Erwin Chemerinsky, his co-author, moved on to become dean of UC Berkeley’s School of Law but the two collaborated to produce this book.  Thanks, Dr. Howard Gillman, for this conversation about Free Speech on Campus out now from Yale University Press.  And thanks to listeners to and supporters of this program and this free speech (!) radio station.