Sunday, January 7 – Roy Zimmerman!

This week (Sunday, 5 pm on KPFK) I present a very special show recorded on site at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Riverside, California, which hosts all variety of community events including musical concerts.  It’s axiomatic to observe that the personal is political, which lately might make political people personally angry, sleepless, frightened but also engaged, active, smart-alecky and, with others often, looking for ways to understand and appreciate what is called, in resistance or resignation, our political moment.  For thirty years one particular political observer has helped keep this listener, activist and fan sane, or close to it.  The parody songs, social comment, poetry and wit of singer-songwriter Roy Zimmerman suggests the work of the legendary Tom Lehrer with a touch of Bertholt Brecht by way of, say, Gilbert and Sullivan though he and collaborator Melanie Harby describe his act as “funny songs about ignorance, war and greed.”  Roy Zimmerman is on tour just now, introducing new songs co-written with Harby, many included on a live concert DVD recorded at the iconic McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, and this fan took the opportunity to sit down with him before he played one of many shows on the “ReZist” tour, about which you can learn more at his website,, and where you can watch clips, purchase CDs and the new DVD, and read a helpful bio of one of my favorite performers, whose music was my holiday gift to so many of my friends.  Thanks for listening to Roy, to me, to KPFK.  Support listener-sponsored media.  Play loud!