Sunday, December 3 – Tom Nolan, Ross Macdonald & Eudora Welty

My guest this week (Sunday, 5 PM) is writer, reviewer, editor and biographer Tom Nolan.  He’s back to talk about another volume in a series representing a life’s work of scholarship, fandom, careful analysis and editorial choice-making.  Indeed, perhaps nobody has done more to promote, curate and remind us of the life and work of the seminal literary crime fiction writer Ross Macdonald than Tom Nolan, who’s returned to Bibliocracy on the occasion of the Library of America’s final installment of three volumes collecting some of the best early, middle and now later novels by the author of the iconic Southern California-based Lew Archer series and other work, Ross Macdonald: Four Later Novels.  Nolan is the author of the definitive 1999 biography of Ross Macdonald, nom de plume of Kenneth Millar, and the co-editor with Suzanne Marrs of the collected correspondence between Macdonald/Millar and his literary pal the legendary Eudora Welty, published in Meanwhile There are Letters.  It’s my pleasure to host him again, to talk about both projects, about his role in telling the Macdonald story, his own long career in writing and crime fiction reviewing, and perhaps what it means to be the go-to expert on a topic, and such an enviably fascinating one. Thanks for listening.  Support KPFK Radio by becoming a sustaining member.  Support my guests by purchasing their books!