Sunday, November 26 – poet Charles Hood

This week’s show (Sunday, 5 pm on KPFK 90.7 FM)  is the first of two featuring a writer with many and wide interests, and a long and impressive publication history including, just in the past year, release of two award-winning poetry collections.  Charles Hood’s engagement with both language and the natural world, in fiction, nonfiction and poetry, merits more than an hour, but we’ll do our best, this week talking with him about Mouth, which won the Kenneth Patchen Award for experimental fiction and Partially Excited States, winner of the Felix Pollak Prize.  Next week you’ll hear my conversation with naturalist Charles Hood celebrating A Californian’s Guide to the Birds Among Us, an essential and new avian guidebook from Heyday with the distinction of having been written by a funny, curious, experienced word-artist who also happens to be a science and environmental writer — and a lifetime birder who’s traveled the world. Charles Hood reads from and talks about Mouth and also Partially Excited States as I catch up with a writer who grew up in Southern California, next to the Los Angeles River, has studied and taught any number of subjects, traveled widely and published ten literary books.  He’s been an artist-in-residence at many institutions and currently teaches writing and photography at Antelope Valley College. Thanks for listening, this week and next, to my conversation with Charles Hood.