Wed, Sept 6 – historian Jeremy McCarter

My guest this week on Bibliocracy Radio (Wednesday, 2 pm on KPFK 90.7 FM) has written an immediately engaging, empathetic, multiple biography revisiting, perhaps revising the story of events, campaigns, political movements leading up to America’s entry into World War I as lived by five defining figures of its sometimes forgotten or misapprehended Left.  In Young Radicals in the War for American Ideals,  author Jeremy McCarter has written history as it should be read, learned, considered: in vivid and scenically-driven prose which more than evokes the immediacy, urgency and viability of citizen activism.  This is a variety of ensemble history-telling, perhaps not surprising from the author who was, famously in the room and part of the development and realization of the musical Hamilton, and co-author of the bestselling documentary book Hamilton: The Revolution with his pal Lynn-Manuel Miranda, much as a result of his work at the Public Theater in New York and his commitment to exploring the possibilities for change in our benighted if still hopeful republic.  A more fun and moving history I have not read, with McCarter’s own voice and obvious personal enthusiasm bound to invite, involve, engage and even persuade readers.  Thanks for listening on the radio or online, live, or as a free download at the KPFK audio archives, or via the Bibliocracy Radio podcast.