Wednesday, Aug 9 – poet Dawn McGuire

My guest this week on Bibliocracy (Wednesday at 2 PM) is the poet and neurologist Dawn McGuire.  The occasion of our interview is publication of her most recent collection, American Dream with Exit Wound, an exploration of perception and misperception by way of the author’s considering and composing of her own apprehension of the world and of her patients’ worlds, many of whom are combat veterans struggling with brain trauma.  With all sorts of empathy, wit and political urgency, these poems embrace medical diagnosis and warrior culture, Homer and family conflict, but always with compassion and insight.  Her earlier collection, The Aphasia Café, won a Next Generation Indie Book Award.  Dr. Dawn McGuire grew up in the Appalachian region of Kentucky and was educated at Princeton University, Union Theological Seminary — where she worked with Cornell West — and the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons. She lives, works and writes in Northern California.  I interviewed her at the summer poetry workshops of the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, California.  Thanks to Brett Hall Jones, Executive Director there, and to the terrific participants and staff at this annual gathering.  Thanks for listening, and for supporting listener-sponsored radio for the arts and political analysis, KPFK.  Please contribute to the station and, yes, purchase books by guests appearing on Bibliocracy Radio.