Wednesday, July 26 – Robin Romm

Wednesday at 2 pm on KPFK’s Bibliocracy Radio:  Robin Romm.  Author of a short story collection, The Mother Garden and a memoir, The Mercy Papers, writer Robin Romm is lately the editor of a landmark collection of critical, political, theoretical, often very personal essays by impressive women, all in some way also excellent writers themselves.   Double Bind: Women on Ambition, explores in 24 short essays the problem or challenge of a contradictory circumstance hard not to notice except that it is so consistently unnoticed or perhaps accommodated.  Featuring accomplished well-known writers Pam Houston, Roxane Gay and Francine Prose, among others, the anthology also includes writing from authors more regularly identified with their nonliterary achievement — dog sledder, medical doctor, actor.  Out now from the good folks at Liveright, Double Bind:  Women on Ambition, includes not only an introduction but a terrific autobiographical essay by Robin Romm herself, and so it’s my pleasure to welcome her back to Bibliocracy.  Thanks for listening.