Wednesday, June 28 – On the Media’s Brooke Gladstone

My guest this week (Wednesday, 2 pm on KPFK) is Brooke Gladstone, manager, editor and co-host of one of the best media analysis programs on the air, the must-listen to On the Media.  Also featuring the estimable Bob Garfield, this weekly standout NPR show is a smart, funny, sharp call to attention and action by way of taking apart the big and little tropes, trends, experts, truths, lies and more that arrive via news, real news, fake news, independent and commercial media, in print and audio and video and more.  Brooke Gladstone appeared on this program six years ago to talk about her landmark illustrated cartoon guide to the subject of media and politics, The Influencing Machine, and is back now, somewhat urgently, with a short, perfect book-length thought-piece on our current unlikely if perhaps predictable circumstance titled The Trouble with Reality:  A Rumination on Moral Panic in Our Time.  She’ll explain the premise of the book and elaborate on its big, important ideas.  Further, she seems to embrace her overriding call for engagement by offering some on-the-spot analysis based on her own reassessment of our unreality-based moment of civic confusion and despair.  Brooke Gladstone is a radio hero, and I am so pleased to welcome her back to Bibliocracy.  Thanks for listening.