Wednesday, June 14 – Santa Monica Review Presents…Brody & Ridge

Wednesday at 2 PM, on Bibliocracy Radio, two readings from a recent celebration marking the newest issue of Santa Monica Review.  We’ll hear from Leslie Brody and Ryan Ridge, a couple of favorite frequent contributors to the magazine.  Brody, author of the landmark memoir Red Star Sister and the authoritative biography of Jessica Mitford, reads an essay just out in AGNI titled “Daisies: An Observation,” about the politics of cinema as, yes, personal.  Ryan Ridge, author of multiple books including American Homes and Hunters and Gamblers, shares his typically vivid, funny, sly, poetically provocative fabulist tales.  Held recently at the Edye Second Space at the Santa Monica College Performing Arts Center, “Santa Monica Review Presents…” is a twice-annual launch party for the West Coast literary magazine edited by your Bibliocracy Radio host.  Thanks to our boosters, Don Girard and Linda Sullivan, at Santa Monica College, and to the excellent staff at The Edye.  And, always, to engineer Jee at KPFK.  Do check out the SMR website for more information and to subscribe.  Thanks for listening on the radio or online and, now, as a Bibliocracy Radio podcast.   “Like” Bibliocracy on Facebook, and do add the podcast to your Favorites, please.