Tuesday, March 14 – The Nature Fix

Tuesday at noon on KPFK, my guest is Florence Williams.   She has written a kind of combined travel journal, case study, meditation and science report arguing the thesis that time spent connecting to nature is good for our brains, health, creativity and moods.  It is both gentle polemic and urgent call to action.  Indeed, The Nature Fix by Florence Williams arrives with a helpful subtitle:  Why Nature Makes Us Happier, Healthier, and More Creative but the happiness Williams seems to find in telling us what she learns might itself make readers want to go on a hike or field trip with her, which is one further compelling element of the book:  adventure.  Florence Williams is a journalist and contributing editor at Outside Magazine and freelance writer for the New York TimesNew York Times MagazineNational Geographic, The New York Review of BooksSlate, Mother Jones and More. Her first book, Breasts, a Natural and Unnatural History, was a New York Times Notable Book and winner of the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in Science and Technology.  Lately, she is writer and host of the Audible Original series, Breasts Unbound.  She hikes everywhere, but lives in Washington, D.C.  This compelling exploration links personal experience, intuition, culture and science in a gorgeous and persuasive argument you probably already accept, but need some evidence to support.  Thanks for listening, online or live on the radio.