Tuesday, Jan 24 – Stanley Crawford, Pt 2

Today, at noon on KPFK 90.7 FM, part two of my conversation with novelist and nonfiction writer Stanley Crawford, one of my all-time favorite writers.  In today’s show I talk further with Crawford, author of the classic The Log of the S.S. The Mrs. Unguentine, six other brilliant and inventive novels, and three remarkable nonfiction books about his life as a garlic farmer in northern New Mexico.  In the past two years, Crawford’s seen the re-release of his early fabulist detective novel GASCOYNE which some compare to the writing of Thomas Pynchon, the publication of three reliably terrific new fiction works and a fourth novel out soon.  Today Crawford reads another section from The Seed and, finally, talks about and shares a section from Intimacy.  Listeners can locate part one of our conversation at the station’s audio archives.  Stanley Crawford’s website is http://www.stanleycrawford.net/.