Tuesday, Jan 17 – Stanley Crawford Part I

Tuesday at noon on KPFK, part one of my two-show conversation with novelist and nonfiction writer Stanley Crawford, one of my all-time favorite writers.  In today’s program I’ll catch up with Crawford, who last appeared on Bibliocracy to discuss (and be fawned over by your host by way of) his classic The Log of the S.S. The Mrs. Unguentine, an enduringly funny, smart and exemplary introduction to his writing for those unfamiliar with Crawford’s work (seven novels, three nonfiction books) and, for longtime fans, a joyful reread.  In the past two years, Crawford’s seen the re-release of GASCOYNE, the publication of three new works and a fourth out later this year.  In addition to writing, Crawford runs a garlic farm in northern New Mexico with his wife Rose Mary, and has been an outspoken voice of advocacy for local agriculture, ecological wisdom and community. In today’s show Stanley Crawford reads from The Canyon and Seed, with reading next week from Intimacy, all three terrific novels from a master American fiction writer. A new novel, Village, will be out in April of this year.  Thanks for listening, and for supporting listener-sponsored anti-corporate radio.  And thanks to engineer Jee.