Tuesday, Sept 27 – Historian John Marciano


A bit of a departure today on Bibliocracy, from my usual celebration of literary fiction and nonfiction, poetry and cultural criticism — but not too far, especially as my guest author for this episode is an excellent and accessible writer, in this case of revisionist history and polemic, so all good, as they say.  Indeed, John Marciano, Professor Emeritus at SUNY Cortland, has produced a short, perfect little argument-based book which is meant to shake us out of the too-easy fatalism and resignation demanded of us by our putative leaders, and to instead learn both the facts and how to argue them ourselves.  His newest, from Monthly Review Press, is titled The American War in Vietnam:  Crime or Commemoration?, and in it Marciano carefully, vigorously argues how we should understand both that sadistic war and respond to planned and ongoing official and unofficial commemorations of it.  Activist and scholar John Marciano attended the first SDS March against the American War in Vietnam and was a founding member of the SDS chapter at SUNY Buffalo.  Over a long career he has written widely on the American War in Vietnam, including in Teaching the Vietnam War and Civic Illiteracy and Education.  His newest is a timely, urgent and useful contribution to civic discussion, to historical analysis and empowerment through intellectual self-defense.  Thanks for listening, and for supporting community-supported non-corporate alternative media KPFK (90.7 FM).