Wednesday, June 1 – She: Michelle Latiolais


My guest this week (Wednesday night at 8 pm on KPFK 90.7 FM) on Bibliocracy is Michelle Latiolais, on the occasion of celebrating her newest book, a novel built out of interconnected story-portraits with a compelling and urgent through-line narrative about a runaway girl-woman who escapes from her sadistic fundamentalist home in Needles, California.  The author of three previous novels, and co-director of the UC Irvine MFA Program in Fiction Writing arrives with She, which explores many iterations of the pronoun, of its (her) place in the world, with smart and self-aware and empathetic prose that combines the best characterization and scene of short fiction and the ambitions and language-driven formal demands of a novel.  Our fifteen year old heroine finds herself (yes, in all senses of that phrase) in Southern California, where her escape-journey meets up with others’ lives, and where the details of so many connected and connecting lives of strangers begin to make sense both as biography, autobiography and in, finally, a vision of empowerment.  Thanks for listening live on the radio or on your computer, or later as a download from the KPFK Audio Archives.