Wednesday, January 20 – Seth Greenland


Tonight on Bibliocracy, Wednesday at 8 pm on KPFK, my guest is Seth Greenland, playwright, film and tv writer, author of a textbook, co-host of the most excellent LA Review of Books radio show and podcast “The LARB Radio Hour,” and author, now, of four novels.  His work is consistently funny, smart and provocative.  The occasion of today’s visit is a much-anticipated chat about the wryly titled I Regret Everything, a novel which takes on class and death and art and impossible love and the sincerely redemptive possibility of living the examined life.  The book’s doomed protagonist achieves a kind of immortality despite himself, an ironic — of course! — elaboration on the idea of the totally winning and honest title of this book whose writing — because, yes we are all about the sentence and the turn of phrase and the voice, friends — is a consistently surprising and gratifying examination itself, and fun, whip-smart, elegant.  Seth Greenland’s CV is surely too long to review in its entirety, but you might have, should have read his novel The Angry Buddhist and probably enjoyed the TV series Big Love for which he wrote, or saw Jungle Rot, his first award-winning play.  Bibliocracy Radio is broadcast live on the radio and online, and available as a free download at the station’s audio archives.  Thanks for listening.