November 11 – Amy Gerstler


Wednesday night at 8 PM on Bibliocracy Radio my guest is the poet Amy Gerstler, whose latest has recently been longlisted for the annual National Book Award.  She’s also the Southern California poet Amy Gerstler, whose work many of us have grown up with, and now the nationally acclaimed poet Amy Gerstler who wows audiences of young and old, punks, shy flowers, academics, general readers, other poets and writers and dreamers with an intensity, humor, wit and unshy celebration that’s easy enough to confuse with play.  She’s written poetry, nonfiction and journalism, explored the visual arts and generously, indiscriminately brought to both her popular magazine writing and critical essays the same careful whimsy and helpful sincerity, wit and drollery, a voice of arch self-regarding disregard that charmed readers of her earliest work, collected in The True Bride.  Her Dearest Creature was a New York Times Notable Book, and she’s won the California Book Award and National Book Critics Circle Award.  All to say that the arrival of a new collection, this one titled Scattered at Sea, is some kind of occasion, which this reader and fan means to celebrate.  Could this radio show be any more fun?  Thanks for listening, the old or new-fashioned way, as a download however you like, from the KPFK audio archives. Please remember the generosity of my guests and the commitment of your unhumble host at Fund Drive time and make a big donation to our community-sponsored non-corporate radio station, where excellent Southern California arts and culture programming has had a home for fifty years, with no commercials.