September 9: Tom Nolan & Ross Macdonald

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Wednesday, September 9, at 8 PM on KPFK’s Bibliocracy Radio:  The happy focus of tonight’s show is the iconic if still perhaps under-appreciated Ross Macdonald, author of some of the best literature about our region, not to mention a crime writer sitting high in the pantheon of that genre, with Hammet and Chandler.  Author, most famously, of the Lew Archer crime novels, Macdonald cannot be with us tonight because he died in Santa Barbara thirty years ago.  Lucky for us, I’ve got another legend, the go-to expert and vigorous booster of Macdonald, Mr. Tom Nolan.  Nolan is the author and editor of books and collected letters and biographies of Macdonald, crime fiction reviewer for The Wall Street Journal and, yes, the logical and right choice of editor, spokesperson and all-around expert, here to talk about the new, gorgeous collection of four of Macdonald’s 1950’s Lew Archer novels just released by the good people at the Library of America.  So there’s a lot to celebrate today, to talk about and read together in studio with Tom Nolan, talking about one of our favorite Southern California writers.  Thanks for listening, on the radio or online, and anytime you like at the station’s audio archives.