August 26, 2015: Mary Norris


Tonight, Wednesday, August 26 at 8 PM on KPFK 90.7 FM, my guest is Mary Norris.  Her until now mostly anonymous yet powerful influence on the lives of both writers and readers is celebrated in her memoir about a life and career in Letters, in the actual words and letters and punctuation on the page:  in spelling and word choice and grammar and usage, all of them practically characters in her own first book about working as the first and only “Page OKer” at the New Yorker for three decades:  Between You and Me:  Confessions of a Comma Queen.  This book reads with all the self-propelled fun of a long New Yorker essay, with stylish prose, humor, lots of credible if often obscure information, conclusions, perspectives, and advice, too, often on subjects about which the reader might not even know she might be curious.  A lovely book which, or is it that, you will want to hear talked about by its charming author, Mary Norris, the Comma Queen herself.  Thanks for listening tonight on the radio or anytime as a free download, and for supporting community-sponsored non-corporate, non-commercial radio in Southern California and beyond.