July 8, 2015: Julie Schumacher


Wednesday night, July 8, 8 PM PST Bibliocracy Radio welcomes guest author novelist Julie Schumacher, author of one of last year’s very best books, a wicked-funny, smart, politically engaged satire of academia called Dear Committee Members.  Yes, you have heard (and read) me and so many others go on and on, giddily, about this small, completely satisfying story built around the conceit of a churlish, disappointed, sometimes mean and hilarious academic fellow writing his sarcastic life story in the form of alternately pissy and (almost) genuine letters of recommendation. Our hero’s own failures, along with sincere and maddeningly solipsistic efforts to explain them, make for a through-line of political and self-critique singularly reflective of the frequent nuttiness of life as a teacher or professor. Right up there with Richard Russo’s excellent Straight Man, Dear Committee Members has become both a bestseller and a critically acclaimed word-of-mouth cult literary classic among pedagogues with a sense of humor. Tune in for my conversation with the wonderful and engaging Julie Schumacher, and her readings from the novel at KPFK 90.7 FM or live online, and as a free download from the station’s Audio Archives at www.KPFK.org. Thanks for listening, and for supporting your community radio station.