July 1, 2015: John Marsh

TJohn Marshonight on Bibliocracy Radio, 8 PM PST on KPFK 90.7 FM, an excellent meditation-memoir, road trip and scholarly revisionist history appreciation of America’s perhaps most enduring and defining poet, Walt Whitman.

John Marsh has produced the terrific new In Walt We Trust:  How a Queer Socialist Poet Can Save American From Itself, possibly the most fun, insight and joy-producing nonfiction I have read lately. And if the title doesn’t already, this careful and entertaining appreciation/manifesto’s provocative and totally timely polemic will win you over to Walt’s team.  Join me and guest John Marsh tonight, live on the radio or online, and for 90 days as a free download from the station’s Audio Archives.  Thanks for listening.  Stay tuned, and anticipate a new Bibliocracy Radio website very soon.  Please support listener-supported KPFK with a donation today.

In Walt We Trust
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